Office Manager

Posted 02/15/2024 By Kristin Dorsey

If you are a Senior Office Manager and are interested in supporting a busy nonprofit in Boston, we are looking for you. Paying up to 90k!

Responsibilities would include:

  • Greeting and offering general support to clients and other executives who visit the office
  • Maintaining the office processes and procedures, including scheduling and processing correspondence and paperwork and managing payroll
  • Organizing and managing record-keeping and accounts systems like employee documents and other filings
  • Hiring, training, and managing the administrative staff
  • Planning and organizing staff meetings and other internal events
  • Creating and maintaining office expense and budget sheets and other book-keeping tasks
  • Coordinating, scheduling, and rescheduling appointments for individuals or teams
  • Delegating duties to administrative support staff and supervising their work
  • Planning and organizing on-site and off-site events and activities
  • Developing and implementing operational and administrative systems
  • Overseeing general business operations and preparing proper documentation for management
  • Managing office equipment and supplies and ensuring new stock is ordered as and when required
  • Allocating office resources and approving department purchases
  • Working with the HR team to update office policies as necessary
  • Interviewing and hiring staff for different departments
  • Keeping headcount of departments and ensuring proper onboarding and training processes are in place
  • Maintaining the IT infrastructure and keeping the inventory of orders
  • Providing support to staff and responding to their queries related to office management challenges
  • Managing contact and negotiations with office vendors and service providers
  • Arranging travel accommodations, including flights, hotels, and car rentals
  • Keeping an eye on the office facilities and employing contractors for repair and maintenance when needed
  • Ensuring the company complies with the government’s rules and regulations.
Sorry, this position is filled.

This job is no longer available. Contact us to learn about other job opportunities.