Patient Access Manager

Cape Cod, MA

Up to $110K!

Directs, manages and has overall responsibility for assigned staff, supervisors and team leads in the assigned unit(s) of Patient Access. Initiates and coordinates research, analyzes reports and other data to assure that quality and productivity are in alignment with industry and institutional standards (99% accuracy rate) as well as identifies any issues that impact timely billing and claim payment. Has consistent communication with the team, supervisor(s) and/or team lead regarding expectations, changes and any and all regulatory changes or implementations, or any other communications essential to the team and team development. Is available to physicians, their office staff, peer managers, clinical managers, and other constituents to assure that the patient preadmission, scheduling and insurance follow-up processes are pristine to assure the best patient experience. 

Detailed responsibilities: 

  • Manages all functions and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the specific Patient Access Unit(s) assigned. 
  • In conjunction with the Patient Access Training team, manages the quality and development program for existing and onboarding team members to assure assimilation to the team and promote a learning environment. Ensures that team preceptors and ambassadors are in place and knowledgeable of their responsibilities. Solicits feedback from preceptors and ambassadors to assure effective ongoing staff training and assimilation to the unit. 
  • Adheres to hospital Talent/HR Policies and procedures related to coaching, counseling, interviewing, hiring and termination of team members. Initiates Performance Improvement Plans and establishes consistent team communication meetings to include staff meetings or huddles that are agenda driven, as well as bi-annual team member one-on-one's to assure that team members are on track for success. 
  • Consistently assesses operational flow in conjunction with manager, peers, supervisor(s), team leads and team members to ensure maximum efficiency within the unit. Responsible for the accuracy of pre-registrations, registrations, scheduling, authorization and notification of admission, and other patient access functions in order to promote an excellent patient experience. 
  • Maintains a thorough knowledge of key systems and software that are in place to support the work of the unit. 
  • Maintains a thorough knowledge of the revenue cycle processes, applicable Medicare regulations, appropriate commercial and liability contractual terms, and other related regulatory requirement of The Joint Commission, AHCA and other local and State regulations. Have a working knowledge of the Financial Assistance Policy and the requirements for Charity care. 
  • Manages budget so that budget targets are met or come in below budget. Maintains support of point of service collection targets and encourages staff to meet targets and goals providing recognition programs within the purview of the manager. Supports established uninsured programs and processes. Reviews collection processes within the unit to determine improvement areas and to assure the standard work of the team. 
  • Demonstrates accountability for overall departmental operations and/or organization-wide functional responsibilities within the system to support achievement of organizational priorities. 
  • Coaches team leaders, direct reports and team members to create a productive work environment. 
  • Creates a high performing team by building strong relationships, mobilizing others to action and effectively leveraging the talent of their team. 
  • Manages and supports conflict/issues resolution implementing appropriate corrective actions, improvement plans and regular performance evaluations. . 
  • Ensures patients and families have the best possible experiences across the continuum of care. 
  • Communicates appropriately with patients, families, team members, and our community in a manner that treasures all people as uniquely created. 

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