Westbrook, ME

Up to $65K!


  • Draft pleadings such as complaints, answers and simple motions.
  • Prepare for depositions.
  • Summarize following depositions.
  • Perform legal research.
  • Keep accurate time records.
  • Assemble and organize all aspects of trial preparation.
  • Check briefs prior to filing with Court.
  • Direct Litigation support staff as needed during such projects.
  • Provide Litigation specific to attorneys and paralegals in other departments.


  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent written communications skills.
  • Ability to delegate non-substantive, non-billable work
  • Ability to generate and revise legal documents and construct, maintain and utilize databases.
  • BA degree in any field but one which requires a substantial amount of research and writing; or equivalent experience.
  • Relevant experience as a paralegal for 5 years or more preferable.

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